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Insurance - Buy When You Can, Not When You Need It!

One of the interesting encounters in the Mahabharata is the one between Dharma (Yaksha), the father and Yudhishtara, the son. The encounter is known as the Yaksha Prashna. The meeting happens on the shores of a lake where Yudhishtara finds his brothers lying dead. As Yudhishtrara was about to take water from the lake to perform the last rites of his brothers, Yaksha appears and repeats what he had told all his brothers, “This water belongs to me, and you cannot take this water without my permission. If you want to take water, then you will have to answer all my questions correctly.” And thus began the Yaksha Prashna, full of deep wisdom and philosophy. Yudhishtara successfully answers all the questions and was able to revive all his brothers. One of the questions Yaksha asks Yudhistara is that “What is the most wonderful thing?” To this Yudishtara answers,” Day after day countless creatures die, but those who remain behind believe themselves to be immortal. Nothing can be more wonderfu